Cosamin DS Double Strength Joint Care

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Cosamin DS Double StrengthHow Cosamin DS Double Strength Joint Care ®Works

Cartilage is composed of cells (chondrocytes), and cartilage matrix (collagen and proteoglycans containing chondroitin sulfate). Cartilage breaks down when the matrix cannot be replenished completely. Cartilage cells constantly replace old and damaged matrix with newcomponents. As one ages, or if cartilage is damaged, cartilage cells die off and are not replaced. With the loss of cartilage cells, there is also a loss of the healthy cartilage matrix. This adversely affects adjacent cartilage cells, thus beginning the downward cycle of joint deterioration. Enzymes released by deteriorating cartilage cells and the cells that line the fibrous joint capsule continue to break down the old and damaged matrix structures. The remaining cartilage cells, stressed by their deteriorating environment, cannot keep pace by producing new matrix, as they once did.

Cosamin DS Double Strength Joint Care ® is a combination of FCHG49® glucosamine hydrochloride and the specific TRH122 ® low molecular weight (LMW) chondroitin sulfate. These exclusive ingredients in CosaminDS work together to refresh stressed cartilage cells and maximize matrix production.

The two main ingredients in CosaminDS, chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine hydrochloride, stimulate cartilage cells to increase production of cartilage matrix materials. Glucosamine also enhances the capacity of this unique chondroitin sulfate to inhibit the enzymes breaking down the cartilage matrix, restoring a balance and healthier state of the joint. This exclusive formulation found only in CosaminDS can slow this cycle making you feel more comfortable.


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